Hands-on Labs For Learning Security

Our mission is to support students, practitioners, and educators in learning and teaching security concepts and technologies through hands-on, inquiry-based labs.


The Eureka labs are designed for learners at all levels of experience and interest in security concepts and technologies. Exploratory labs stimulate interest among learners with little or no prior experience with security techniques and concepts. Core labs allow learners to build their conceptual understanding and repertoire of security techniques through interactive experiences. Advanced labs place learners at the cutting edge of security risks associated with the latest generation network technology. We welcome and encourage feedback on each lab.


Each lab provides procedures and resources for providing engaging hands-on learning experiences for students at all levels. Educators are encouraged to submit feedback and student data using the instruments linked on each lab, as well as contribute more labs or modifications to the existing learning experiences. The research and development team strive to continually adapt and refine the resources on Eureka Labs in order to provide educators with learning materials in tune with the latest issues, trends, and techniques critical for developing the next generation of cybersecurity professionals.

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